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Tere and Mary Kampe –
Bay Area Founders, National Marketing Directors

"Went on a 6-day cruise to Bahamas, after which we hung out in the Carolinas for 5 more days…booked a hotel suite in Raleigh, NC (when we pulled into the parking lot). Decided to stay another day…same rate…our website rocks!! and the service through the online Chat…can’t be compared to anything…no one has this level of service."

Eric & Peggy W.

"WorldVentures Rock! Just got back from an 8/7nights cruise. Our trip is paid for by travel dollars. Made new friends and one of them just signed up to be part of this crazy and amazing biz. Make a living … living!"

Mary K - San Jose

"The Concierge Service is such a cool thing! We went to Napa Valley two weekends ago and never bothered to book any reservations for dinner anywhere. Well, my Sister has expensive taste and we needed a birthday celebration dinner for our brother-in-law, Chris at a nice restaurant Saturday night! (Yeah, right!) We called directly first with no results. Then used our Concierge and got a reservation for 6 of us at the time we wanted at the Press restaurant. GREAT night, awesome meal with friends and family!"

Dave T - San Jose